• What Makes Cities Successful?

    Smart City(聰明城市)是一個以討論當代城市議題為主的PODCAST網站,議題從都市規劃、移民生活、創意產業,不一而足。

    以下是今年三月,sean Safford和Saskia Sassen談「什麼使城市成功?」節目簡介如下:

    What makes cities successful? It's a question we ask every week here on Smart City. And this week we have two authorities from the University of Chicago to address that topic - one with a very local view and the other with a global outlook.

    Sean Safford has studied the decline of Rust Belt cities and found that particular kinds of social networks were key to a city's ability to renew.

    Saskia Sassen has studied global cities and concluded that corporate headquarters are less important to a city than are globe-trotting consultants.

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