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    微軟的新MP3 PLAYER,ZUNE,開賣了。我沒打算買,倒是想拿ZUNE的軟體端跟iPod的好戰友,iTunes,作比較。尤其是看看ZUNE對PODCAST的支援度。只是,看來ZUNE是不打算把PODCAST當作一個市場經營啊。

    • The Podcast About My Zune at Cole Camplese: Learning & Innovation

      11/17 12:08, 2006

      引述 :『I do like the hardware, it is the software that is a real pain for me. Maybe it is because I am so comfortable with the iTunes and iPod integration, but it just doesn’t speak to me. Having to log into all those damn Microsoft accounts just to purchase Zune Points is really something that I am not interested in. It is so clear to me now just how much of an advantage Apple has when it comes to the user experience related to the software/hardware integration. I wonder how someone who doesn’t like Apple feels?』


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    • 10 iPod vs. Zune Myths

      11/17 12:04, 2006

      引述 :『Myth 4: The Zune will do most everything else the iPod does at the same priceWell no, Microsoft isn't supporting Audible audiobooks, nor providing any support for podcasting, nor has it announced any support for notes, tasks, calendars, contacts, or games. So all it does is play music. 』


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    • Zune.net | How-To - Enjoy Audio Content on Zune

      11/17 11:58, 2006

      引述 :『Podcast applications typically store downloaded podcasts in a default Windows folder (for instance, C:\Podcasts). Many also allow you to change the storage directory to the folder of your choice.Just like with other audio content, podcast content must be stored in a folder monitored by Zune if you want to automatically import it to the Zune library 』


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    • Zune Insider : Answers to (some) of Your Zune Questions

      11/17 11:45, 2006

      引述 :『Zune will play podcasts. I'm actually listenting to a podcast right now. If you bring the audio file into the software (like a wma or mp3 file), you can play it on your Zune. Beyond that, there will be other options for podcasting support for future releases. 』

      ZUNE開賣了,而我比較關心它能不能「直接訂閱」PODCAST?從這個內部員工的說法來看,可以,但是我從ZUNE的軟體介面上沒看到有人提過這點。喔,對了,這個ZUNEINSIDER居然是IE ONLY,不虧是好員工。

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    • Zune之背信棄義及眾叛親離 at MacGrass

      09/19 08:39, 2006

      引述 :『當年和微軟合作使用PlayForSure的音樂下載服務,如Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo!甚至微軟和MTV合資的URGE!等等買下來的歌,都將不能在Zune收聽。個人認為這是微軟的背信棄義。另外,根據微軟本身教大家買mp3 player的網頁,Zune也應是不被歡迎的MP3 Player之一,因為Don’t get locked into one online store。』

      要成為iPod Killer,要先照iTunes般運作?

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    Lordcolus said...

    我也是覺得Zune竟然沒有支援DRMed WMA,實在是挺詭異的。


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