• The Future of Podcasting

    剛剛才發現上星期的IT Conversations有一個討論「帕播大未來」的節目,講者是Eric Rice,Slackstreet Entertainment(這啥公司?)的創辦人。節目介紹上是這樣寫的:
    Rice advocates that branding will continue to be valuable in podcasting, not just for large businesses but also for personal podcasters and their niche shows to help audiences identify and connect. He also fields questions about the best future approaches to monetizing podcasting, including thoughtful incorporation of advertising.

    Rice suggests as a podcaster you focus on content rather than the specific technologies of podcasting, even spreading out your content across multiple media. The future is not podcasting in a vacuum, but rather integration with existing industries, technologies, and media types.

    Podcasters will and should continue to break the perceived rules. Telling a podcaster not to do something provides the utlimate inspiration to him that the forbidden thing must be done. And breaking out of the confines and mindsets of traditional media create the broadest opportunities for effective new approaches.

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    又,在IT Conversations的首頁發現那個發給學新生一人一台iPod的米國DUKE大學,即將在下星期主辦一個叫做「Podcast Academy」的PODCAST應用、編輯、趨勢研討會。真是讓人看到就耳朵癢癢。
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