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    Heike Jöns寫了一篇叫做「Academic Travel from Cambridge University and the Formation of Centres of Knowledge, 1885-1954」的文章,以一些沒有出版的檔案為基礎,試圖勾勒在過去的一百年裡,劍橋大學教員的學術旅行是如何型塑了一個Anglo-American學術霸權的建立。

    Based on the empirical analysis, I argue that the global flows of Cambridge academics were shaped in at least four ways: first, they were inextricably linked to international politics; second, they were produced by a complex set of overlapping mobilisation processes by different centres of calculation; third, they were moulded by the geographically uneven distribution of what Pierre Bourdieu categorized as cultural, symbolic, social and economic capital; and, fourth, they were influenced by varying spatial relations of the practices conducted at the travel destinations.
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