• NyLon:同舟一命

    美國次級房貸危機仍在持續,而金融中心的城市競賽也尚未停歇。金融時報昨天的專欄,有一篇John Gapper寫的「NyLon, a risky tale of twin city states」就在談這兩件事之間背後的關係:連動與風險。

    The risk now is not simply that New York falls back into line with the US economy or that some of the steam goes out of London. It is that both cities follow their history of being highly cyclical because of their acute dependence on a single, volatile industry. Growth dropped more sharply in both cities than in their respective national economies after 2001 and it could do again.

    All in all, now is probably not the time for Paris to make a mad dash to catch up with London and New York. It would be wiser to wait a bit to see what happens to its Anglo-American rivals and what opportunities that will provide. Perhaps Ms Lagarde, in her modest, intelligent way, realises that perfectly well.
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