• Doreen Massey:世界真的變小了嗎?

    偶然看到英國地理學家Doreen Massey2006年的一場演講(逐字稿)。講題是從「世界是否變小了?地理學是否終結了?」這個因為全球化而常見的疑問出發,一路談到「為何空間仍舊重要?」、「為何地方(place)仍須討論?」

    • Physical proximity is not necessarily a good measure of social and cultural distance.
    • So, no, actually: the materialities of place, and the differences between places, matter hugely to the promoters of the virtual world
    • Geography is being turned into history, space is being turned into time.
    • Maybe we need to re-think the “identity of place", not only away from its being a claim to exclusive ownership,but also towards its also being a recognition of responsibility - the responsibility of place – within and towards those wider geographies.
    對Maseey關於「地方」的討論有興趣的朋友,或許可以看看〈A Global Sense of Place〉這篇文章。
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