• The new New York?

    這期經濟學人有篇文章,〈The new New York〉,談到紐約市長Bloomberg對紐約的改造計畫。文章裡提到,對Bloomberg來說,倫敦是紐約主要的競爭對手,都在企圖吸引那些越來越「流動與富有」的全球菁英。然而,為了成為具吸引力的「sustainable city」(永續城市?),眼下有三個主要問題需要解決:
    • First, he expects New York's population, already at a record high, to grow by around 1m by 2030, to 9m.
    • Second, the city's infrastructure—much of it a century old—is crumbling, and needs to be upgraded.
    • Third, the city must become much greener.
    • The goals include a massive increase in affordable housing; the pledge that every New Yorker will live within ten minutes' walk of a public park; and an overhaul of public transport, including a subway extension.
    • Mr Bloomberg wants New York to have the cleanest air of any big city in America and to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming by 30% by 2030.
    • And he wants to open 90% of the surrounding rivers, harbours and bays for recreation by reducing water pollution and preserving natural spaces.

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