• Miriam Greenberg談紐約的城市行銷與都市危機

    Miriam Greenberg是UC Santa Cruz社會系的助理教授,她在2008年出版了《Branding New York: How a City in Crisis Was Sold to the World》這本書,書中比較了在1970年經濟危機與2001年911攻擊事件後,紐約的影像產業,包括雜誌、電影、電視劇如何將紐約包裝成為一種人人稱羨的生活方式、一個對觀光客友善的城市,然後行銷到全世界。

    Branding transformed New York’s image from that of a “gritty working-class city” to “one that is business- and tourist-friendly,” she said, and was compatible with the conservative and even anti-urban ascendancy represented by the Reagan administration. (In 1981, President Ronald Reagan spoke to the Partnership for New York City wearing an “I Love New York” scarf.)
    “I don’t want to give too much credit to image-making in and of itself,” Dr. Greenberg said. “It was a necessary but not sufficient aspect of this change. But on the other hand, I think it can conceal or distract attention from the deeper political and economic restructuring that was and is going on. And it helped turn New York’s free market ‘recovery’ from fiscal crisis into a global model.”
     Smart City Radio在2009/1/1請她上節目談談這本書的內容,以下就是本次節目的節錄。

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