• The Neolibral City


    The global economic transformations that have occurred since 1970 or so are increasingly being referred to in terms of the rise of a "neoliberal" form of political economy (privatization, the withdrawal of the state from social provision, the inculcation of an ethic of personal responsibility).

    The urban consequences of this transformation have been the focus of considerable attention, but the New York "fiscal crisis" of the mid 1970s and its aftermath turns out to have been an originary moment in the rise of neoliberal practices. Tracing the history of neoliberalization through the recent history of urbanization reveals much about the power structures lying behind these transformations.
    在這場演講裡,Harvey主要是從「都市化過程」(urban process)的進路重新討論資本主義與都市發展之間的關係,尤其是以巴黎(他的博士論文)和紐約(他現在客座之處)為主要個案。對近年流行的「文化地理學」者來說,Harvey的討論方式無疑是極為老派的。不過,很合我脾胃就是了。

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