• Obviously, PODCAST is not a good business


    Obviously的官方說法,出售ODEO不是因為缺錢(GOOGLE AD的收益已經可以支付網站營運開支),而是為了讓公司更專注於TWITTER的服務、讓ODEO有更好的發展。不過從LeeAnn所提供的數據來看,雖然ODEO的訪客佔有率(market share of visits)在同類型網站(自從變小器鬼以後,ODEO已經不算是PODCAST HOST,而是PODCAST DIRECTORY了)中算高,但大多數使用者是從iTunes或原PODCAST HOST(而非ODEO)下載或收聽節目。

    Still, there were only 311 unique terms containing 'podcast' and 103 terms containing 'podcasts' for the four weeks ending 2/17/07. In contrast, there were 12,686 terms containing 'mp3' in the same period, which demonstrates that podcasting has not yet come close to reaching critical mass.

    I had assumed Odeo was much bigger, entrenched than PodServe. My assumption was wrong. In rough terms Odeo is only about 40% bigger than PodServe. Maybe we should talk to Ev about merging the PodServe and Odeo brands/sites together creating a bigger and better Odeo 2.0 (just kidding about the 2.0 part).



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